PWA Provides Various Forms of Assistance Both Locally & Nationally.

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When you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, medical bills, mortgage payments, and everyday living expenses can quickly add up. This can add a huge burden on top of the burden of battling a cancer diagnosis. Pink Warrior Advocates is a non-profit that directly assists those that have been diagnosed with breast cancer in the Hill Country and surrounding areas. Our goal is to create a sisterhood of Angels to carry them through the emotional battle, while also alleviating the financial burden, allowing them to focus on healing.

Financial Assistance

Through our donations and online fundraising efforts, Pink Warrior Advocates is able to provide various forms of financial assistance to the New Braunfels and surrounding area…

Mastectomy Bra Program

PWA has partnered up with Ana Ono Intimates to provide women with a free bra, should their finances not allow them to purchase one…

Meta Wish

MetaWish is a local program that focuses on our Angels and Warriors who have been diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer…

Mastectomy Kits

We are so grateful to our volunteers for donating their time to create these beautiful heart-shaped pillows and drain bags…

Chemo Care Kits

Our chemo care kits contain hand-picked, paraben-free items that will help our Warriors cope with side effects faced during chemotherapy…

Helpful Resources Program

We strive to provide as many helpful resources as possible to all those affected by a breast cancer diagnosis, including family members…

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