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we fight together, as one, and as a community

filled with love and hope for one another.


Pink Warrior Advocates is focused on providing direct support to those who have been diagnosed with breast  cancer. We believe in creating a sense of community of Advocates to guide our Warriors through  their journeys. We act on what we have experienced in our own personal battles with breast cancer by providing resources, financial assistance, and most importantly, emotional support.

Our Mission

“Empowering those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer while advocating for their emotional and financial wellness.”

Our Philosophy

Pink Warrior Advocates is focused on providing various forms of support to those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. We believe in creating unity to empower our Warriors through their journeys. We fight together, as one, and as a community filled with love and hope for one another.

Our history
Since becoming an established 501c3 in August of 2015, we have awarded over $600,000 in grants to those  undergoing treatment for a breast cancer diagnosis. In 2018 we initiated a split, which has allowed us to keep your  generous donations local, funding the following counties: Comal, Guadalupe, Bexar, Travis, Hays, Bastrop, Caldwell,  Medina, Wilson, Bandera, Kerrville, Kendall, Blanco, Gillespie, Llano, Burnett, Williamson, Lee, Gonzeles.


We are so grateful to be back to our goal since covid of averaging $10,000 in financial assistance every month. The financial grants come in many unique forms ranging from medical bills, living expenses, groceries, and even assisting families with unexpected funeral costs.


In addition, we have partnered up with various resources, allowing us to fund necessary items such as: care kits, knitted knockers,  and mastectomy bras designed by Ana Ono.


In 2018 we launched MetaWish: a unique program designed to grant wishes  for those diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer. With the continued support of our local community, we will have the ability to continue to fulfill all of these necessary needs. Our ongoing goal is to continue to increase our grants so that  we may continue lifting the burdens that a cancer diagnosis leaves on our Warriors.  

Our founder, Jen Reynolds, who battled Stage IV incurable breast cancer, knew what it felt like to go through a breast  cancer diagnosis feeling alone and confused, and Pink Warrior Advocates was created to fulfill the needs she felt were lacking in the community.


From the moment an individual is diagnosed with cancer, their entire life can take a turn, and though they may not realize it at first, seeking support through those who have experienced and conquered their own battles with cancer is something we believe can help them throughout their journey. No one should ever have to fight this battle feeling  alone.

While it may be difficult to acknowledge the need for this type of support, Pink Warrior Advocates  encourages our Warriors to reach out and provides them with a special support system of Advocates to help guide them through.  The life-long bonds that are created through our organization are so meaningful and so important for the well-being of  all our Warriors and their Co-Survivors.


We pride our organization on the philosophy that we fight together, as one, and as a community filled  with love and hope for one another.  

Our Founder
Our Mission



When Jen’s first breast cancer diagnosis changed her life, she craved someone to lean on who’d walked in her shoes. When her search for local breast cancer support came up short, she turned her needs into action. If someone in our community received a breast cancer diagnosis and needed to talk, Jen picked up the phone. If they needed a ride to an appointment or help paying for treatment, Jen Reynolds found a way. “No” was not in her vocabulary. Her desire to be sure that no one felt alone through their breast cancer battle pushed her to ‘go big’ and create Pink Warrior Advocates.

Not only would a breast cancer warrior be matched with an advocate – a dedicated friend to lend support, rides to appointments, gifts, and tokens of genuine encouragement and love – but financial support. The non-profit gifts $10,000 in financial assistance every month to those in need.

That ‘need’ could mean a mortgage payment for a single mom who is out of work while she fights for her life; or, someone who needs a biopsy this week, but the deductible isn’t in her budget. PWA can provide it. Maybe, it’s someone with a terminal diagnosis who has a bucket list item they have only dreamed about.

Jen Reynolds fought for others while she continued to fight. Another cancer diagnosis, another battle of her own. Another comeback, another victory, another battle…

In January 2022, we lost this bright light in our community. While those left behind can’t articulate their sense of loss, we want to focus on the immense good that she created and the incredible goodness that she leaves behind.

The work of Pink Warrior Advocates is not done. Her dedication, determination, resilience and unwavering attitude of service to others is not only making a real difference to those on the receiving end, but it’s also awe-inspiring

Wherever you are today reading this message, know that you can make a difference, too. Pink Warrior Advocates lives on…and that means, so to shall more breast cancer warriors.

Rest easy Jen, you were a champion in life and so your legacy continues to be….


- Tiffany Mayne

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